Our process



Our purpose is to create a strategy for intergenerational asset transfer that builds a lasting legacy. By navigating trends wisely, we generate wealth impacting both present and future generations, fostering positive cultural change.


There are no inherently poor investments; it all comes down to timing and context. Our dedication is to impart knowledge, enabling you to navigate this economic terrain with bravery, sagacity, and innovation.


We can employ various tools, such as tangible asset portfolios, domestic storage options for your hard assets, and tangible asset IRAs.


Assisting in managing your hard-earned assets through intergenerational transfer, we aim to equip the next generation with financial resources. Through this partnership, we aspire to create a lasting legacy for generations to come.


We understand that each client is unique, requiring a custom approach to their allocation needs with precious metals. Our strategies are not cookie-cutter solutions but tailored programs designed around your needs and aspirations. By taking the time to understand you, we craft investment solutions utilizing precious metals as unique as your fingerprints—centered around your personal dreams and financial ambitions.


We aim to harness trends, creating wealth that impacts both current and future generations. Properly utilized, this capital has the potential to bring about meaningful cultural change.


We believe there is no such thing as a bad investment, just bad timing for investments.  Because of this, understanding WHY certain events happen will allow you to make wise decisions. Our commitment is to pass on knowledge so you can act with courage, boldness, wisdom, discernment, and creativity.  When we are on the same page, our relationship with you will thrive!


At KEPM we don’t believe in sacrificing quality for affordability.  We do not recommend rare, semi-rare, high commission, or any precious metals that are hard to liquidate.  Bullion coins and bars are the lowest commission way to maximize your ounces of silver and gold.


The financial landscape is fraught with risk, yet opportunity is often hidden within that very volatility. Every investment will grow or shrink because of policies coming out of Washington DC.  When you understand how interest rates, fiscal policy, monetary policy, capitalization of the banking industry, political and geo-political risks impact your investments, you can make wise decisions in how you invest.  Safety isn't just a policy here; it's an investment in your future and we help you get to that point.


In a world of intangible assets and digital currencies, the intrinsic value of physical metals remains timeless. Our Physical Metals investment options offer a tangible asset that has historically weathered economic storms. From gold to silver, possess an asset you can see, touch, and believe in as part of a diversified and resilient portfolio


Security is more than a buzzword; it's a commitment to protect what you've worked hard for. KEPM utilizes cutting-edge encryption technologies and rigorous compliance protocols to create Ultra-Secure client communication, data storage, and privacy. With 24/7 monitoring and multi-layered protection, your assets are not just invested in something real; your information is also held to a high standard of safety.


With over 30 years of experience in this industry, Dr. Kirk Elliott brings a depth of market insight that few can match. Our longevity is a testament to our understanding of how investments are related to the overall economy and political environment and our focus on our commitment to the client relationship. When you partner with us, you're not just gaining a way to purchase low-cost precious metals; you're acquiring decades of market wisdom that aims to navigate complexities and maximize opportunities.
“Kirk Elliott and his amazing staff have always been there to personally guide me.”
Mason Anderson
Content Architect
“We have known Dr Kirk Elliott for over 25 years. We completely trust him. In fact, we have recommended that our friends and family work with him as well.”
Olivia Smith
Development Engineer
“Very good and informative advice I received from the advisor Kim. If you are thinking of investing in silver, this company is honest.”
Elijah Jones
Marketing Director
"I have had a positive experience working with Kirk Elliott's team! I am looking forward to growing my wealth. I am grateful for their excellent services!"
Emily Wilson