Texas Precious Metals Depository


Clients can store their precious metals in TPMD's cutting edge depository facility that's unaffiliated with state or federal governmental entities.
  • No Setup Fees, Deposit or Withdrawal fees
  • Low Storage Rates
  • Fully Segregated Storage
  • Annual Audits
  • 100% Insured: LLoyd's of London
  • Tax-Free Shipping Jurisdiction
  • Private Security (No Outsourcing)

Private Storage

Storage of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium is private, fully segregated and individually sealed. Metals are never commingled or allocated.

100% Insured

TPMD's Lloyd's of London Insurance policy covers the full value of metal contents in the facility and adjusts to prevailing market rates. Insurance protection covers external theft, employee theft, fire, flood, and other natural disasters. Storage contents are audited annually by San Antonio firm ADKF.


TPMD's facility is outfitted with bulletproof doors, metal detection, man traps, truck traps, biometric access, armed security, 24/7 surveillance, and three layers of concentric protection. Facility operators employ best practices such as dual controls, segregation of duties, chain of custody monitoring, and 5S methodology. All security personnel are privately employed by the depository (no outsourced security)! Facility alarms are tied directly to local and county law enforcement situated within one mile of the depository.

What are the Pros and Cons of Storing Bullion at a Depository?

Let's start with the cons. The obvious downside to storing precious metals at a depository is that the metal is not on your person. In the event that you need your metal in a hurry, it will not be immediately accessible to you. Additionally, there is a “carry cost” to storing at a depository – a monthly fee to securely store and insure your metal at a facility like TPMD's. The cost of storage and the lack of access to your metals are the two negatives to depository storage.


The first benefit to storing precious metals in a bullion depository is insurance coverage. It is not possible to insure the metals in your home from theft, fire, natural disaster or other calamity. For those with significant precious metals holdings, any loss of this metal could be a financial catastrophe. The same circumstances apply to safety deposit boxes, which are non-insurable, and carry the additional risk of bank closures – which have occurred numerous times in the past – due to levered risk.

The second benefit is personal safety. If a bad actor or actors were to become aware of any sizable fortune kept in a personal residence, it could put the occupants of that home in danger of great personal risk.

The third benefit (one that is unique to TPMD compared to other depositories) is the option of instant liquidity. Unlike other facilities that lack a trading desk, where an individual is required to pay a shipping expense and incur the time delay of shipping metals elsewhere in order to liquidate, the TPMD companion trading desk offers competitive market rates as a market maker in the industry. This means that liquidation is fast and expense-free, with funds being made available within days.

Insurance, safety, and ease of liquidity are advantages of storing with TPMD.